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Someone couldn’t get enough of Friendster

Jan 7th 2009
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I had a 21 year-old male Fil-Am patient recently. He was filling up the hospital forms dutifully. I noticed that he spent some considerable time contemplating when he got to the part that asked for his “C.S.”. He skipped it, but later had enough courage to ask me about it.

“C.S. stands for civil status. That means it’s asking whether you are single, married, a widower, etc.”
He smiled. Then he looked pensive. So I told him, “Just put ‘single’ there.”
He had this knowing smile again.
“You mean you’re already married?”
He was blushing when he replied:
“No. ‘In a relationship.'”

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  1. casting enfant (1 comments) says:

    Hey, love the blog – i will try and keep up with it!! please keep more coming 🙂

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