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Jan 29th 2009

blood-transfusion_opt Because it’s a Charity hospital, you can’t just deny a patient’s admission. In this case, it’s a guy with a single stab wound to the abdomen. I’m supposed to go home tonight. I guess it’s another night here in this hospital…

The administration approved the indigent patient’s admission along with the materials and medications that he needed. But guess what they required that be on cash basis?

BLOOD! The essential part of this operation and they will make them suffer its consequences by delaying the operation. And here’s the kicker – they can’t get donors because most of them are drunk as a rat! Crap! They really have to produce a few thousand pesos and buy those units just to get blood!

I couldn’t just stand there. So never mind the possible negative reaction I will get from the Blood Bank. I have to borrow the first unit. F^*&

Sometime after that, I have been informed by my intern that she has just delivered to the O.R. the first unit.

I do not know if the administration couldn’t see the urgency of the situation. IT’S THIS SIMPLE: stab wound = blood loss = decreasing vitals = death. And they deny him of blood that he needs now.

But then, the administration has allowed the operation to proceed with the necessary meds, so I can understand (somewhat) the administrator’s stand.

(more than 4hours after)
I have been called to the O.R. and have been informed that the patient needs 3 more units of fresh whole blood!

How will I pull out a stunt like that?!

I went straight to the relatives, making them feel the urgency of the situation. After some minutes, they finally get that they are working against time. When I got them in a panicky mode again and making their way to solve it, I went back to the blood bank.


By some magic, they agreed to give me 2 more units. The relatives have to work on the last two.

And by some magic, the patient stopped bleeding profusely during the transfusion of the 3rd unit.


The only thing you want to know and would need to know about this patient is that he tolerated the procedure, did well post-op, and went home alive.

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  1. doczoe (33 comments) says:

    it’s going to be kaloka with all the administrative problems involving lives. i’d much rather stick to showbiz. haha! 😉

  2. qarla (1 comments) says:

    Why not doc?

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