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Two Mothers, Part 1

Feb 5th 2009
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EK1476N Tony & Georgia

Last night, a mother delivered a pre-term baby. He was only 6 months in her womb. He was mostly developed, except that the eye slits still could not be opened. He was limp and blue. And he only had 2 hours of life before he passed on.

The mother knew this before she even delivered, but had to go through with it with the hope that she could save that tiny child. It took (a lot) of courage and she was blessed with that life, even if it were only for 2 short hours.

I, thus, re-learned something today: that at 23-24 weeks AOG (about 6 months), the eyelids could not open yet.

Oh yeah, and that a person’s a person no matter how small.

Image from Anne Geddes which I got here.

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