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Aug 24th 2009
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Out of boredom, I took in a new job for the weekend. I figured, despite the not-so-impressive pay, it sure beats not doing anything that Saturday. Besides, I was also after the perks – free resort food, the privelege of being able to bring a companion if it comes to spending the night there and enjoy the pool and amenities. So ok, I agreed.

That Saturday was cloudy. The waves were furious and the water not a clear blue. The medical station was under this tree that bred a million caterpillars that kept falling on us, so we had to find a different station. It was windy but the 150 new guests that day didn’t seem to mind. Miss Siren, the HR Supervisor, was a hands-on woman who oriented me with the place. It was the beach area where I would be stationed standing by for any possible injuries or medical concerns from our guests. Hmm, a *stretch* from my previous work on the island. When they started off with their team building games, I went double-hmm-it’s-a-stretch-from-my-previous-work. 😉

I knew trauma seems to follow me, because within 20 minutes of going back to the station, a victim was brought to me. He was pale, confused and refused to move his left arm. Looking at his shoulder blade, I saw some hematoma formation but no deformity. I still considered a clavicular fracture and he was immediately brought to the nearby hospital. We later found out it was indeed a fracture and he decided to return to Manila to have his operation done there. Ulk. After that, there were no cases. And the guests didn’t push through with their Amazing Race activity. So sad.

Last Saturday was my 2nd weekend in this resort. Unlike the previous week wherein it was cloudy, the sun now was smiling down at me. The skies were blue, the pavement dry, the birds were singing and the water was calm. I had my breakfast in peace while reading my new Milan Kundera book. I later went to the medical station in the best of moods and smiling at my nurse. I couldn’t help but tell her all the positive things surrounding us – the sun, the calm water, the skies, the guests kayaking and taking pictures, and the white sand that was more obvious now than before.

“Oo nga. Ang pangit ng tubig ngayon!”

*blink. Blink* (huh?)

I forgot that my nurse is hearing impaired.

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  1. eam (2 comments) says:

    Aaah, Caylabne! I didn’t think they’d still be around… I’ve always had a nice time there with family. Been there 3 or 4 times I think in my HS years which was in 19-never mind… Much have changed I bet since. 🙂

    I like the kicker in your story about your nurse! LOL

    i owe you an email! wait for it!!

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