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Will antiperspirants and deodorants cause breast cancer? Conclusion

Sep 22nd 2009
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What have studies taught us so far when we put two and two together? In other words, what has been done to prove or disprove the association of underarm cosmetics application and the development of breast cancer?

Studies show

conclude_optIn 2002, Mirick, Davis and Thomas conducted a study on Antiperspirant Use and the Risk of Breast Cancer. Finding show that:
• There is no evidence that the subjects who reported the use of a blade razor for underarm hair removal were at an increased risk for breast cancer from antiperspirant use.[11]
• No evidence also that the subjects who reported that applying antiperspirants within 1 hour of shaving with a blade razor were at an increased risk for breast cancer.

However, this study did not fully address the intensity of underarm hygiene habits. So in 2003, Mc Grath looked into the frequency of underarm hygiene habits within a (cohort) of breast cancer survivors within their age of diagnosis. Results show that:
The mean age which breast cancer was diagnosed was earlier for those groups with maximum usage of underarm cosmetics. Those who use it less or never use it had breast cancer diagnosed at a later age. [4]
• Combined habits (shaving and underarm cosmetics usage) were also necessary. If done separately, there was no significant association with an earlier age of diagnosis.

As you can see, these studies do not agree 100% on their results. There have been other studies that have been done since. In Iraq, Fakri (2006) have conducted a study where they have determined that the use of antiperspirants have no association with risk of developing breast cancer. In fact, it was family history and oral contraceptive use which they found to have a stronger association with breast cancer. This only goes to show that we have yet to conduct more studies on this subject before we can conclude on whether or not underarm cosmetics play a major role in the development of breast cancer.

I therefore conclude…
…that there is no conclusion yet. More extensive research is needed to investigate the long-term effects of the applicaiton of these underarm cosmetic products over an entire lifetime and on a global population of men and women.

Until such time, there are no alternative suggestions yet on how you would take care of your pits the way that you do right now.


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