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Loneliness is Contagious

Dec 5th 2009
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Waiting for someone?

Waiting for someone?

Damn. They actually found evidence that loneliness is contagious. It says that loneliness can spread from person-to-person up to the third degree.

And so it is possible to feel lonely even if your current situation doesn’t agree.

Misery loves company, and for real.


Now that we’ve established that loneliness is contagious, these researchers are also now suggesting that chonic loneliness triggers a change in gene activity which alters our immune system to some extent. In other words, loneliness makes you sick. According to their study, they found out that the lonely people in the group has the hormone cortisol slacking off. When cortisol doesn’t do its job, then the genes responsible for causing inflammation does not get suppressed. Hence, you get a variety of illnesses from heart problems to caner.

So to those of you feeling lonely, get out and hang out with the happy people.

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