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What could have caused Brittany’s death? Let’s just speculate.

Jan 8th 2010
Photo from Used with permission.

Photo from Used with permission.

It’s been 19 days since Brittany Murphy’s death, and still no final word as to the cause of her demise. There are numerous info surfacing at the moment as to what may have happened and what she reportedly must have been feeling prior to her passing.

Since all of it are just probables, why don’t we just continue on with our speculation and have an intelligent discussion, shall we?

Here are the supposed facts:

  1. Topamax – Topiramate, an anti-seizure medication.

  2. Methylprednisolone – for steroid responsive disorders

  3. Fluoxetine – anti-depressant, also used for bullimia and OCD’s

  4. Klonopin – a benzodiazepine

  5. Carbamazepine – anti-seizures

  6. Ativan – Lorazepam; anti-axiety/OCD

  7. Vicoprofen – a brand of Hydrocodone bitartrate, used for pain and fever

  8. Propranolol – for hypertension, arrythmias, CHF, angina

  9. Biaxin – a brand of Clarithromycin

  10. Hydrocodone – see Vicoprofen

  11. Vitamins.

There. Speculate.

Assuming it was not the overdose of medications that caused her death, then my guess is: Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). The lack of anti-diabetic meds can mean she isn’t diabetic; or can mean that she is a diabetic with poor compliance to medications. Add this – if it’s true that she still has an eating disorder, then that raises my suspicion even more. The shortness of breath and abdominal pain may already be manifestations of DKA. The fever (or flu-like illness) may be a clue as to a possible infection which may have complicated her DKA even more ultimately resulting to her death.

That’s just a theory anyway, so I could be very wrong.

What do you think?

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2 Responses

  1. doczoe (33 comments) says:

    yes, there are a number of other celebs who suffer the similar situation. and this sad fate did not just happen to brittany, it happened to MJ and heath ledger as well. i think the issue of overdosing with prescription drugs is a serious now, much like how it was when stars were overdosing in prohibited drugs some years ago.

  2. Liquid Vitamins (1 comments) says:

    With the health issues she faced, as well as the cocktail of recreational and legal drugs she took, I think it is safe to say she was not the most healthy person walking! Although a nice person and talented actress, it seems many stars today suffer similar situations.

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