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Salt, obesity and diet pills

Jan 22nd 2010
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Hi guys! Took a really long time before I can find time to actually go online and check out again what’s new in medicine. But it’s never too late to find out what’s been going on.

This week shows the latest on cardiovascular related conditions:

– There is a surprising reason why being overweight is unhealthy – it’s discrimination against obese people, especially obese women.

Reducing your salt intake by half a teaspoon per day would produce public health benefits on par with reducing high cholesterol, smoking, or obesity, a new study has found. However, food manufacturers are more of a primary target here rather than the individual who would compulsively reach out for the salt shaker (or fish sauce and soy sauce if you’re Asian like me).

– European regulatory authorities announced that the diet pill, sibutramine, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, should be suspended from the market because the risks of stroke and heart attack are too great with the medicine. This is marketed in the US as Meridia, and as Reductil, Sibutral, Raductil and Ectiva outside the U.S.

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