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For Sale

Apr 18th 2009

Last Black Saturday, on our boss’ dad’s 84th birthday, the hospital staff on duty proceeded to Tatay’s ancestral house in shifts. It would be my first time there. It was a quaint street, lined up with other ancestral homes. We stopped in front of one where this sign caught my attention:

I clicked away and expressed my amusement to my companions…

broken ref

…not realizing that it was our boss’ ancestral home.

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2 Responses

  1. doczoe (33 comments) says:

    hi tobi! the sign says that they’re selling their broken refrigerator. i know that there may be someone interested, but in the kind of neighborhood they have, it’s quite unusual to be selling a broken appliance there.

  2. Tobi - Phuket Meditation (1 comments) says:

    I don`t really get it. You write nice, but I don`t get the point. 🙂
    Please explain?

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