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Capital City, Part 1

Jul 14th 2009


Yesterday marked the 45th day since I came to this nation and the 45th day since seeing their capital city. I have since lived in a different state where there are no road signs, no street signs, and where land crabs have the right of way when on the road.

In this state, there are no traffic jams, and the only buildings you’ll ever see are houses, ruins and a power plant. As such, seeing 2 or 3 cars parked along the side of the road signifies something important, like a funeral, a party, or perhaps a number of bystanders watching some men fix the telephone poles.

I realized that this is the longest I have been isolated from the busy life I know. So for me to go to the capital city for the first time in 45 days pumped up my adrenaline. I never thought seeing that all-too familiar Shell station sign at the port would bring a humongous smile to my face. Moreso, being caught in a traffic jam made me excited and had me applauding like a little girl seeing a pony for the first time.

There are two reasons why I went to the capital city on this particular day. First was to bring my friends to the airport and say goodbye to them. I felt so sad being left back in the Land of Enchantment and not being surrounded by people close to me. I felt like I had no purpose and that I would just be floating on for the next 5 days. I needed to see them off. Second, I had to bring another friend, an Art Director, to the hospital for some x-rays and to buy the appropriate medications. And after both were done, I sat with them in a park eating the best burgers in the country (it’s a small nation).

Being back in civilization was so refreshing, like a perfect consolation for being away from the life I know, or perhaps a momentary therapy for someone who feels sad with the thought of a bus load of friends leaving.

It’s been 45 days. I wondered when the next time will be till I get to the capital city.
(To be continued)

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  1. […] I felt so sad that most of my friends have left. I know the purpose of staying behind is to oversee the people left here. Still, I was too busy sulking. […]

  2. berbagicerita (1 comments) says:

    wow very full a car on the way friend!!!

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