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The Benefits and Non-benefits of Caffeine and Soy, Part 1

Dec 21st 2009
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I grew up hearing from my elders that coffee isn’t good for you. And that’s why it was only during my 3rd year in medical school that I started with coffee. But nowadays, it seems like we reap benefits from caffeine than what we previously thought. Same with soy products.


How familiar is this: You party. You enjoy it so much that you take more than what you can take. And it’s a little late by the time you notice it. So you take a cup of coffee. Now think back: Has that cup really helped?

Coffee won’t sober you up.

That’s what they found out in University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Alcohol may lessen the effects of caffeine, but caffeine doesn’t mitigate the impaired decision-making brought on by alcohol, the study says.

They found this out after testing on mice. The group of intoxicated mice were less anxious and showing signs of a reduced ability to learn, hence you get a mouse that kept bumping into things.

Those that had coffee were anxious with a decreased ability to learn and moved less.

So when you combine both, you get a laid-back mouse prone to taking risks and not knowing it was taking risks, the researchers said.

In other words, decision-making is impaired.

(I don’t know about you, but I’m still stuck on the idea of intoxicated and caffeine-high mice…)

To be continued

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