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Clinton Leaves the Hospital After Heart Surgery

Feb 14th 2010
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Former President Clinton has just been discharged from New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Friday morning following stent placement done last Thursday.

Clinton was reportedly been having brief chest discomfort which prompted him to schedule an appointment. It was during this appointment that a blockage was found via angiogram.

Stents are typically placed in an artery after an angioplasty, a procedure in which clogged vessels are cleared with a balloon to restore blood flow to the heart. Stents act as scaffolding, keeping the arteries pushed open so they can stay clear for years after the procedure. These are usually recommended when lifestyle modifications and medications have not been successful for the patient. When indicated, there are also various factors to consider before choosing the stent applicable for a patient.

To learn more about stents, you may visit this site. It addresses questions frequently asked about stents and provides extensive explanations.

Go here if you prefer illustrations or videos.

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