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Why Kan’t Doc Zoe Write?

This blog fell from a supposed former adrenaline junkie.


Continued from page 1…

After Season 1…

(as of November 28 December 17, 2009)

…I was able to:

  • Learn to rock climb and lose some 20 lbs in the process
  • Sign up for a search and rescue course with the Philippine Air Force. Sadly, we haven’t been called back to actually start on the course.
  • Be the doctor for Survivor Philippines Palau (Season 2) and was able to concentrate more on being the doctor for challenges.
  • Start with my specialty course to become a diplomate in occupational medicine. That I should clock in 2 years of practice on that specialty is a requirement. Hence,
  • I became a doctor for a hotel resort…. that it is situated on a beach was a major plus point; and I was able to
  • Try being a doctor for events as well. As such, I became the doctor for Libera when they toured Manila.

Which brings me back to this blog. As I approach my first blog anniversary, I thought I should make some changes, starting with putting in a team of writers. Why not, right?

So I came up with this motley crew of friends who write (or kan’t write) for this blog:

Dmeemai, who blogs for MySinigang, but contributes to this blog because she’s also also a good friend and my technical guru. Mae has a passion for writing and for anything Filipino that she can really stir up emotions. It helps a lot, too, that she has some background in the professional health industry. (Oops! Something her readers probably do not know!)

McMuffy, a call center agent who works graveyard shifts and still manages to contribute substantial writing. Despite his non-medical background, he still never fails to amaze me with his research skills on medical issues and how he is able to integrate all these like a medical student. He’s now trying his hand at blogging for his own satisfaction at his own site.

Doc Daffy, a physiatrist and one of my best friends and a classmate from medical school. We have a mutual admiration for each other’s compositions, whether this be technical or our hopeless attempt on anything that can be considered literature; we share the same negative traits (which I won’t disclose); but most of all, we have the same curiosity about things and the geeky way we investigate how the body works and why. Hence, it was only natural for me to ask her to contribute.

Qarla, the sassy editor-in-chief for Sassy Qarla Blog, who supplies me with Hollywood-worthy medical issues, the latest showbiz buzz, and the occasional hour(s)-long phone calls on our next showbiz-medical blog post or just about anything mundane.


Arnel Villavicencio who contributes his photos. Check out his brilliant works at his site.

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