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Why Kan’t Doc Zoe Write?

This blog fell from a supposed former adrenaline junkie.


My current obsession is Survivor Philippines, and with reason. I have been lucky to be a part of the production as their Medical Adviser and the Chief for Medical Operations during our stay in Thailand.

Since I’m mostly hospital-trained, I am also currently on a mission to be trained further on Adventure Medicine – rescuing and managing emergency cases in remote areas such as the mountains, the sea, and the wilderness. I was told that this will also require me to engage in various extreme sports which I am more than willing to undergo….but don’t tell my parents.

I am a proud member of the Philippine Medical Association and a number of its component societies; Beta Sigma Fraternity and Ladies Corps; Philobioscientia – The UPLB Life Sciences Society, and Mensa Philippines.


from Speedboat:

I get dirty.
I lack sleep.
I’m exhausted.
I’m drenched in rain.
I’m hot.
I’m cold.
I get blown away by the wind.
I lived with tsunami alerts.
I live among the wild.
I’m peppered with insect bites.
I slip and fall on hikes.
I get sucked by leeches on the trail.
I get squished on truck rides.
And I’m loving every second of it.
Because this is the life I have been craving for – a life of freedom.
A life on the tip of a speedboat.

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