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How to Become a Castaway, Part 1

Mar 25th 2009


Hi guys!

The auditions have been going on for almost a month now and we are nearing the regional auditions for Manila. I thought it would be fitting to give y’all a heads up on how (I think) you can become a castaway without revealing much.

First off, the long lines are daunting and it is expected that the regional auditions in Manila will have the longest lines. The way I see it is – long lines are a test of one’s determination. You either persevere, or quit while early. The long lines are not the most difficult hurdle a potential castaway will encounter. So if you can’t stand the lines, then you can’t stand the hunger, the psychological war, the politics and the challenges. Personally, I won’t take it against some auditionees if they quit at this level because it’s better to have castaways who came determined and who came voluntarily than those who will later on quit during the game. We don’t want castaways bawling and complaining they were “forced” to be a castaway, do we?

You can also look on the bright side: you meet a lot of different personalities during the wait! I enjoy the auditions because it is a tapestry of personalities and I really do see myself befriending these people in the real world. (So to those who cried and broke down last year when they met me, I apologize. Was just doing my work).

Or, look at it as a first step to learning how to strategize. Practice “reading” people and determine which ones you can form an alliance with; befriend them so that the going to the bathroom/getting food will be easier; or fish for info so that you can best present yourself when you get to the screening area. Remember: 30 seconds is probably all you will get to win a screener.

(On a personal note, the long lines remind me of my college years in UP when we had to wait in line to register for a subject. There are certain subjects wherein we were in line 16 hours before registration, and that I have managed to have a place in those lines for some 6 other subjects I had to take without actually being in that line. It’s all strategy, hard work, and being friendly. Holler if you were a UP student from the 90’s!!!)


With that said, here are some tips for y’all planning to experience the hardship of that audition line:

–    Thousands join auditions for Survivor Philippines – A GMA News TV article which gives you an idea on what SP producers are looking for and a look at potential competition.

–    Producer Brian Gelli gives you a crash course on the Survivor auditions and what they (as screeners) are looking for.

–    Survivor Nina gives tips on how to prepare for the auditions.

–    Survivor Marlon answers questions as to how he became a castaway. You know how obnoxious he can get, but he really gives you sound advice and substantial tips.

–    Again, Survivor Nina goes myth busting on Survivor Philippines. Includes her answer to that question on whether you have to be a swimmer to qualify.

–    Nanay Zita gives you her criteria for aspiring castaways.

–    Paolo Bediones says the right combination of castaways is key.

This has hopefully equipped you for the auditions!

See you at the following:

March 26 – 28: SM North EDSA
March 29 – 30: SM San Lazaro

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3 Responses

  1. doczoe (33 comments) says:

    thanks so much, rahul! pretty excited with the people who showed up during the auditions.

  2. Rahul (2 comments) says:

    Best of luck guys with the audition.
    May the best person win.

  3. Vincent (3 comments) says:

    Good luck with the auditions!

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