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Mar 20th 2009

I took this photo using my phone’s cam while the traffic was not moving at the SLEX yesterday en route from my home in Laguna to Alabang:
sunset 1 slex

And then I took this photo this afternoon. This is the view from the roof deck of the new hospital in Tagaytay City where I am currently holding clinics (Tagaytay Hospital and Medical Center. Beautiful hospital! It got me inspired, actually, and felt good imagining myself walking down the hallways in my white coat). I was particularly fond of the pink skies in the horizon:

sunset 2a Tagaytay

sunset 2b Tagaytay

sunset 2c Tagaytay

And it was only after that I realized that this was the first time in months when I shot photos during sunset.

No biggie? Thing is, the last time when we had daily shots of the sunset was back during our island days in Tarutao. Some days, the sun would be the usual orange that we see. Other times, the sun would be like pink lemonade. And then, as if the heavens know the mischief brewing in base camp, we would have a deep purple sunset. All these were documented by our sunset photos everyday.

Now here I am, back in civilization, months after, taking what seems to be the beginning of a series of (daily) sunset photos.

Some years back, I had coffee and peered down at the traffic from the chic doctor’s lounge I was in. I felt so at home with where I was, yet it felt weird at the same time. When I got my first taste of island living for a month, I knew this was what was missing – a break from the monotony.

I think everyone deserves to live on an island once in a while.

For months since, I have slaved the way doctors enslave themselves to work. I have lived through the tough schedules and zombie days and the medical social culture once more. I drove around in and out of the metro; endured bus/van rides, MRT rides, and the taxi drivers who keep intruding into your private conversations.

I have tried all those fattening and non-fatterning food urbanites devour, downed most  hard liquors with The Friday Club at HQ without getting drunk, then spend hours in the gym to keep fit and to scale that wall. I bought new books, attended parties and events, met up and kept up with the castaways, and remained bored during product presentations.

But the events lately have signalled the beginning of my journey back to the island. This early, I am noticing a break from my routine; a break from the nature of work that I do for hospitals and clinics; and a break from the usual homework I have set myself to accomplish.

I’m getting nearer to that island living again, one sunset photo at a time. And I am so looking forward to it!

Yup, on that last photo, you will distinctly see the colors of Mang Inasal across the hospital/by the rotonda. When it will open – I haven’t asked. Shakey’s is long gone.

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  1. Barbara (1 comments) says:

    – i feel like every time i leave you a comment it’s alyaws the same .because your work is consistently UH-MAZING! simply gorgeous. gorgeous girl, gorgeous lighting, gorgeous location. so in love with your style, mariola!

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