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It won’t work?

Jun 5th 2009
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In one of my hospital visits, I saw this:
female con front

I honestly haven’t seen one in person, so to speak. So it was quite interesting for me to come across it. The nurse at the pharmacy said it was free, but I have no use of it.

In the end though, I thought of taking one because I had to show the instructions to my friends and co-workers:
female condom 3

It reads:

Latex condoms for men are highly effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS (HIV infections), if used properly.

If you are not going to use a latex male condom, you can use FC FEMALE CONDOM to help protect yourself and your partner.

(pero ito ang panalo)
FC FEMALE CONDOM only works when you use it. Use it every time you have sex.

(at eto pa)
Before you try FC FEMALE CONDOM, be sure to read the directions and learn how to use it properly.

However, there are actually no directions on how to use it properly.

Good luck!

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