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Have you met – ?

Jun 6th 2009
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I love How I Met Your Mother. There, you learn that a good way to pick someone up is to have a wingman.

Out of curiosity, I did it today.

“Hey (Pat)! Have you met (Nick)?”

Then I made a quick exit.

By the way, I haven’t been introduced to Nick. I just heard that was his name. And Pat never saw it coming.

When I looked back, I saw that they were indeed having a conversation and enjoying themselves albeit just a few minutes. It ended by the time Nick mentioned that he was with a girlfriend. (Daamn!)

I was so amused by this, that I told one of my buddies about what was happening when it was happening. Before I knew it –

“Hey Mike! Have you met Zoe?”

Oh no.

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  1. Vincent (3 comments) says:

    old but still effective.

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