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You know you’re in the province when…

Jun 16th 2009
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larion1 copy
– your neighbor’s videoke reverberates throughout the neighborhood.

– marami nang napapaaway dahil sa “my way” at “bakit ngayon ka lang.”

– people talk to you and all you can do is smile cause you understand zilch.

– everyone is your relative.

– the nearby pool is the river.

– a dip in the river won’t be complete (if you’re not lucky) without women doing their laundry or a carabao taking a dip upstream from where you’re swimming.

– everyone has a soap opera they religiously follow.

– watching the moon rise is entertainment.

– fresh air won’t be fresh air without a whiff of dung.

– a trip through the fields won’t be complete without a close encounter with dung.
photos by trixie. that river is the one a few meters from our home in tuguegarao city, cagayan.
and below is a carabao pool party.

kalabaw 2 copy

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