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Los Baños

Jun 14th 2009
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After almost 2 months, I finally had the opportunity to go home to Los Banos!

LB border

cotton tree

One of the best things about coming home is what would greet me upon entering Los Banos’ border – lush greenery and rich colors from flowers. It’s a stark contrast from the metropolis and the beach.

yellow ground

This weekend, I just had one thing in mind – that much-deserved spread of home cooked meals!

But really – the reason for me coming home is to assist this plastic surgeon brod on a procedure. I’ve been a doctor for some years now, but not all doctors have had the opportunity to scrub in a lot of plastic surgery procedures. This was my chance. And it was calming to assist a brod whom I have known since college but have never worked with in a surgical procedure before. It was a bit – I dunno – weird(?), because the last time I did work with him was some 15 years ago. I never realized it has been that long! (And that he’s that old! Haha!)

Even though a surgical procedure was the reason behind this chance to go home for a day, touching base was enough fuel to get me through the week again.

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